Project Details

o:Lib is the standard distribution for o:XML library code. It fills the same purpose as the C standard library or the Java core classes.


The generated API documentation for the current release of o:Lib is available to browse online.


To use the standard library types, simply download the distribution and put the zip file the classpath of the interpreter. The types can then be imported by specifying the path normally, as if they were unpacked in the same directory as your program.

<o:import href="lib/io/File.oml"/>
<o:import href="lib/io.oml"/>
<o:import href="lib/net/URL.oml"/>

To instantiate library types, the constructor must be called with the fully-qualified, prefixed name. This works exactly as with a user-defined type that has a namespaced name.

<o:set file="io:File('.')"